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Tudor Todorescu

Tudor invested over 50,000 hours in understanding front-end engineering for highly successful SaaS platforms.

Through that amount of unhealthy dedication, he signs $75,000 contracts per fast complete MVPs and more. He is know for working with incredible companies that generate well over $20M ARR.

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Startup Consulting Services

What Does a Startup Advisor Do?

Startup advisors are chosen and utilized on a varying range of topics. The most common startup advisors are professors, founders, and serial founders themselves, with deep expertise in a company’s niche.

Management Consulting

Tudor Todorescu has more than 10 years of experience working with small to mid-sized organizations…

Startup Advisory Services

Our team loves working with startups and it shows in our work. Our value comes from our experience.


Companies that understand the strategic potential of information technology (IT) integrate it into everything they do.

Startup Consulting Services

A startup consultant is someone who gives advice on how to efficiently plan, build, and launch new software products. Providing software startup consulting services since 2004, Tudor Todorescu helps business founders plan and design software products and establish a cost-efficient software development process.

Want to Smooth Your Startup Launch?

Tudor Todorescu consultant are ready to maximize your digital tech startup’s chances of success due to:

  • Detailed research of the target market, target customer and market needs.
  • Capabilities to address innovation-based opportunities.
  • Optimizing development and infrastructure costs.
  • Helping you overcome compliance challenges.
Tudor Todorescu
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