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Testimonial - Robert Gets Respect & Is Now a Valuable Asset

Robert S. – “I wanted someone to teach me like one-on-one not with a full group of other students because I was at the beginning and that was I think the most appropriate approach for me one-on-one tutoring”

“Tudor was explaining and coding in the same time and showing us how to do and after that he was let he let us to code. Where we were wrong he could correct us and do it again that that’s that’s the most impressive thing about his mentoring and tutorship, well that’s also how I learn best”

Testimonial - Tudor's Mentoring Made a Difference

Petrisor V. – “It made huge difference because talking with Tudor feels natural.”

“Well actually I wanted to do something else at first i wanted to go in marketing, but my girlfriend who was a programmer at that time a year ago inspired me to do that”

Testimonial - Alina Changed Careers From Marketing Into Software

Alina S. – “The biggest advantage of this mentorship is that he could answer directly to my questions”

“I had found his job really interesting and all the projects that he did. He would always constantly share videos to help us grow”

Testimonials - With Tudor's Coaching, Cristi Significantly Upgraded Himself

Cristian B. – “Because I wanted to learn things in a short period of time and I didn’t want to get stuck in tutorial hell where you watch tutorials the code works but you don’t know the flow or don’t know the planning structure of the application”

“I’ve started programming in 2020 very motivated but after a while I gave up and then started again and repeated a lot of times”

Testimonial - Radu 2x His Salary By Mastering Soft-skills

Radu M. – “I’ve studying programming since 2017, I’ve tried learning on my own I even went to a few bootcamps, I even had a smaller job in scope of programming”

“All the information was pretty jumbled in my brain, Tudor really helped me set it straight I mean, I’m not kidding you I went from a pretty mediocre job, to.. I’m not joking I got hired right now today to the highest paying job I ever have up until now”

Testimonials - Mihnea Understand Complex Concepts Fast

Mihnea D. – “Tudor helped me a lot with the thinking. How programmers think”

“Some things that alone I will learn in one month Tudor, helped me learn in about one week”

Testimonial - Ovidiu Now Operates As a Senior Developer

Ovidiu – “I learn a lot of interest interesting stuff, which are used only by senior developers. When I got homework to do, after I was done with my homework, Tudor spent time helping me understand how programming really works.”

“The feedback is really good oh he’s a good guy”

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